We now have an additional website – please give a visit

We have today launched an additional site for our church. It deals with our history and development in Seaton and will appeal to history buffs and those researching local history. We hope you find it interesting.

Please click here to trace our story since the early 1800’s.

Will you be our very welcome stranger?

Wednesday morning’s ‘Drop-in’ (10am to 11.30am) is always a rewarding experience.Stranger

Somehow it feels to be an honour when a new face or our regular visitors come through the doors.

Who will it be today?

Free drinks, porridge, cake, good company and banter if that is your thing.

If you wish, please feel free to join in with others for an optional 10 minutes of worship, prayer and reflection in the church at 11am.

If you are looking after someone…

…who looks after you?

If you care for someone who is ill, frail or disabled, a confidential Carer Health and Wellbeing Check can help:

Feeling safe at home, having time for yourself, keeping yourself healthy, feeling less stressed, planning for the future.

Take the first step, book a check today: Tel: 03456 434 435 or http://www.devoncarers.org.uk

Our local Carer Support Officer is Sue Page. Sue looked in at this morning’s Drop-in and left a leaflet for us that is now on the notice board in the vestibule.

Seaton Food Bank

Would you like to donate but not sure how? Simply place your item into one of our collection boxes or come along to our session.

Our collections boxes are at each church in Beer and Seaton, Co-op, Tesco and Seaton Town Hall. Our session is every Wednesday, 2pm-4pm, No.1 Building, Harepath Road.

In the URC a  green collection box is positioned at the side of the church.😀