Wonderful photographs

A great discovery!! I’ve stumbled upon a website called Past Remains and it contains many great images of ‘past times’. The photographer is Eileen Wright and I’ve copied the following text from her website.

‘A  lady with a passion for photography, old buildings and the landscape, I started this site in order to document my visits of derelict places, remains of WW2 defences and other relics of the past. I also had a far-reaching plan of connecting the history of these places with the landscape in which they lie…which seemed a long way away from completing, as there were so many site visits and hundreds of photos to include. It’s been a fantastic journey over the last few years to get all my previous explores included, along with new ones on the way, and am now working on the overall ‘big picture’ and the historical connections of the area where I live, which will be in the new Lyme Bay section.’

Many of Eileen’s images are of our own church here in Seaton and she has generously given me permission to show some of them on our own site and I plan to add them to our Gallery page in due course. They are all subject to copyright and will bear the caption ‘Copyright Eileen Wright’.

Meanwhile, go to her site and see her pictures there. I’ve also included a link to her site on our Useful Links > Other organisations page.